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Working too hard?

De-stress for success. We believe you should always remember to pamper yourself no matter how long your to-do list. In a world that's moving you faster every day, do you have a plan to rejuvenate your competitive edge?



Feeling older earlier?

Feed your younger you and resist premature mental and physical aging. Get an energizing, anti-aging massage or facial every month for just $19. We believe it's never too late to improve your life. Take the first step today.

Too little time, too few slots?

Candle Spas members access thousands of slots at trusted spas coast to coast. As a member, you're never limited to just a few hours of availability each week. We believe you deserve it all.

Why Candle Spas? Why now?

What if you took an hour each month to remember what it's like to be inspired, energized, and whole again?

Find calm in the chaos. It's this easy.

Simple Pricing

For just $19, get a massage, facial, or waxing once monthly at our partner spas. No hidden fees.

Easy Scheduling

Request your appointment online or contact the spa. You aren't limited to unused or off-peak slots.

Great Locations

With locations in New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta, Candle Spas is always just around the corner. 

No Commitments

Membership is month-to-month, no contract, and no long-term commitments. Cancel anytime.

But, how can the spas be that good for just $19?

All of our spas have two things in common: they do amazing work and want to earn your business. When you enjoy your treatment, you're more likely to return. The power of our unique business model allows us to push costs down lower than any deal site, discount club, or membership while attracting the highest caliber clients. Go on, try it out today.

There aren't enough spas near me.

With spas in New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta, no one else provides the variety of services we do. No other membership makes it this easy to take care of yourself every month.


I don't know if I would go to the spa every month and would end up just wasting money.

Sometimes it’s hard to fit time in your schedule to take care of yourself. No one else provides the variety of services we do. With no contract you finally have a flexible way to relax, recharge and refresh every month instead of skipping "me time."


Your first month is on us. Join the community today.





See what our members really think.

"I hate joining any kind of membership because I always forget. But now I love that Candle Spas makes pampering myself every month automatic... it's so easy."
"I was really skeptical given that it's only $19 monthly. But after being a member for several month, I've realized rates are simply unmatched and most spas are in my neighborhood."
"I never considered myself a 'spa person.' It seemed too indulgent. Having my monthly spa visit already scheduled in my finances is awesome."
"I hardly have any time as it is, let alone booking an extra hour every month. What a great way to experience the best spas at such attractive pricing!"

- Tonya Johnson,

- Shniece Fraiser-Stokes,

- Gillian Goodwin,

- Gwen Bigler,



Smart people at these startups reboot with Candle Spas.




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If you’re not happy with your purchase of your Candle Spas Membership, just let us know within 7 days of buying and before using it and we’ll give you your money back ASAP. No waiting. No questions asked. …No risk!